Small Space, Big Thinking!

We are living in the world of space crunch be it our apartment, or road all of them have been affected by it. This minimal space often makes us step back from fulfilling our wishes of having the best of furniture and decor, but it shouldn’t affect our big and imaginative thinking. Pocket sized, doll house apartments with boxy bedrooms, are notably bad for their lack of storage but that doesn’t mean that you can lose out on creativity and style.

small space 1

So how do we make the most of the space available to us? Mapping up and zoning, help you gather a clear image of how to strategically using the minimalist space. Once you have ‘mapped out’ everything, you have a clear picture, if there is a living room, you have a space designated for the sofa, for a compact or folding dining table,  a statement armchair.

small space 4

The space design shouldn’t looked cluttered, but going with using a pencil to draw your dream house plan would help you get a clear idea. Even though it’s a small space, there should be a defined use of all the space you have  in a smart manner.


Once you have everything mapped and drawn out you can think of the potential possessions to buy or to keep. When there is minimal space you have to be tidy and the best thing you can do is to declutter every season and be ruthless about what you need and throw out what you don’t.

Using shelves to store your knick knacks, or a floating shelf above your bed with a colorful display of your tours can be used as memoir and adds as a statement feature to your bedroom. If not that color your ceiling a darker hue to create an illusion of height, for example, cream colored walls with a dark blue ceiling, if you want to experiment try creating a galactic effect for  a soothing finish.

small space 5.jpg

The best way to show off your books, instead of going the all traditional way of making a wooden bookcase, try something quirky yet stylish, a step ladder case, which can double up as a shelf too. Try to be daring and make a wall into a storage space, but it can be risky deal if not looked after properly.

small space 6.jpg

If the house comes with great windows don’t dull them out by adding dark inducing drapes, leaving them as they are adds a lot of light and depth to your apartment. The creation of illusion of space adds a great deal too, use mirrors to do it. A full length mirror or a medium sized mirror accessorized properly would lighten up your living room.

small space.jpg

The use of monochromatic colors, is an absolute cliche, these days interior decorators are experimenting with adding a wallpaper walled, or a wall with vertical stripes to add height or horizontal stripes to create depth.

Dining spaces should be compact and elegant, using folding or wall in tables, is a great way to make the use of your dining and/or living area, if you like glass, use an acrylic table, or else a table with glass top and wooden legs.

small space 7.jpg

The kitchen should always be sectioned, use of cabinet space, or else use glass containers to store away the elements in your cooking area, if you want adding a breakfast bar, to eliminate the dining area is also a good choice.

small space 2

So make the best and classy use of the space you have, don’t live in minimalism and mangolia.



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